Monday, July 5, 2010

trust worthy

like the sands of time it fades away, awaken by dawn you never felt so bad.
So bad ass you feel like you're the coolest person ever.
no eyes meets the others like another meets ours.

say hello to Pedro, boy in the back won't go down.
cause the girls are too hot to be left on fire.

said she never do it again, one too many I suppose,
I'm always up for a second time, but it would never be the same as the first time.

with her not she. when she kiss my face hope it gives her hell.

hate not now, love not tomorrow, beginning of the end, wait till it all starts.
then all things would be clear, said you couldn't do it yet you knock on my door.

thanks to you her lies finally came back,and he was not suppose to be there, they are one not two, after the big thing nothing can separate the inseparable.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

good for you

Sun shining and people buzzing, rush hour, oh no I'm not supposed to be up this early. Dentist calls, but he didn't show up. WTF. Like a blue sky holiday, sunny side up never tasted better.

Old and faithful was red in color, they say the hottest chili is red and small. Waited like a painted wall drying. Here there every where eyes are there. Watching and like the internet people are these days. Lie to me baby, said your sorry. Eyes tell a different story.

Oh no where did my money go, wallet getting lighter? Good for you. Stop wasting money and someday you'll start making money. That's what she said. They say, no money no gamble, but gambling comes with a price, wrong decision and your out of the table, lucky me, friends is better than friend.

Sleepless nights are common, that's why we do it in the evening. waking up without bathing, going out stinking, friends are good, but laughter is better. Put them together you get friendster. Fast cars and seat belts, though in the back its a different scream. Alive, I'm too young not to do it.

Screaming couples and silent babies, the world is not the way it should be, baby can walk the talk, but not talk the talk. For the red hot chili pepper to be taken away, just because he wanted to see her one more day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

He said, She said.

In this world of love and hate, people tend to change in many ways. Which you can say, in a way we didn't expect. To the dying laughter they say, its good to be back, though never here to come back. worlds of war reckons on the shore, said she wouldn't do it anymore.

She said: I love you, more than words can say.
He said: action speaks louder than words.

Fist flying and energy gathering, in the minds of the leaders, money is my main priority. Greedy. Yet never before we came across a boy with a stick in his hands, its more to PSP nowadays. I love you mom, for giving me this PSP. I hate you mom, for locking me up in my room, that's what he said.

And the boys were laughing at something, said that you were funny, nonetheless weird. Freak. Backstabbing best friends, and other voices from the outside, controlling the people of the inside, to corrupt a girl, so that they would all be the same. Never the type he knew again.

The same goes here and there, people laughing at others dismay. Yet one thing never change, love. Cries of blood ran through his cheek, Monday mornings were not the same, until, one day the light that once left him, came to shine again, and all our speculations were right, the laughter not insight. Only true love could shine so bright.

Together they stayed forever more, locked away in their on little hut, boys and best friends never knowing, despite all their tries, love would shine, in a hut in the ever changing world.